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New Videos

Carat 930 Overview (10:07)

Carat 930 Touch Gestures (3:53)

Carat 930: Create Simple Traverse (10:29)

Carat 930: Create Single Indent (6:31)

Carat 930: Tablet Setup (7:52)

Carat 930 Hardness Tester

Saphir 375 Stone Grinder

Brillant 2000 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 265 Cut Off Machine

Saphir 560 Grinder / Polisher

Brillant 220 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 250 Cut Off Machine

Opal 460 Mounting Press

Saphir 550 Grinder / Polisher

About Us

Mager Scientific has provided sample preparation equipment and optical solutions to the fields of metallography, microscopy and electron microscopy since 1961. We are located just outside of Ann Arbor, in the heart of the automotive industry, and supply a research and development community that includes the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University.

A1 / A1R: Confocal Laser Microscope System

N-SIM: Super Resolution Microscope

Ti: Advanced Research Microscope System

TS100F: Inverted Routine Microscope

Ci-E: Clinical Upright Microscope

E200: Upright Biological Microscope

MA200: Inverted Metallographic Microscope

SMZ1500: Zoom Stereomicroscope

AZ100: Multi-Purpose Zoom Microscope

From Start to Finish

We are a unique equipment dealer that specializes in the sample preparation process for a wide variety of labs. From high-end medical research to metallurgical testing, we have sample preparation equipment and digital imaging solutions that will make your lab a model for efficiency and effectiveness.

Digital imaging for any budget

  • Nikon Digital Sight Cameras and NIS Elements Software
  • Cameras from: QImaging, Photometrics, SPOT, Dage and
    pco. (formerly Cooke)
  • Imaging Software from: MediaCybernetics, MetaMorph, QImaging and NorPix

ACE200: Low Vacuum Coating

ACE600: High Vacuum Coating

CPD300: Automatic Critical Point Dryer

UC7: Ultramicrotome

TIC3x: Triple Ion Beam Miller

HPM: High Pressure Freezer

VCT100: Cryo Transfer

BAF060: Freeze Fracture System

EM PACT2: High Pressure Freezer

Digital Imaging

NIS Elements Imaging Software

QImaging Digital Cameras

Photometrics Digital Cameras

Media Cybernetics Imaging Software

NorPix Imaging Software

SPOT Digital Cameras

pco. Digital Cameras (Cooke)

Dage Digital Cameras

Molecular Devices Imaging Software