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Brillant 240 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 250.3 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 2000 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 285 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 275 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 265 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 220 Cut Off Machine

Brillant 200 Cut Off Machine

New Videos

Opal X-Press Overview (1:45)

Brillant 265 Overview (3:32)

Brillant 240 Overview (1:57)

Brillant 265 with Pulsed Clamping System (3:35)

Saphir Vibro Vibratory Polisher (2:21)


Opal X-Press Modular Mounting Press

Opal 460 Mounting Press

Opal 410 Mounting Press

Opal 480 Mounting Press

Opal SystemLab Mounting Press


X-Change Automatic Grinder/Polisher

SystemAutomat Auto Grinder/Polisher

Brillant 3D Automatic Cut Off Saw


Opal SystemLab Mounting Press

Saphir SystemLab Grinder/Polisher

Saphir SystemLab Grinder/Polisher

Saphir SystemLab Grinder/Polisher

Grinding / Polishing

Saphir 550 Grinder / Polisher

Saphir 560 Grinder / Polisher

Saphir 520 Grinder / Polisher

Saphir 530 Grinder / Polisher

Saphir 350 Manual Grinder / Polisher

Saphir 360 Manual Grinder / Polisher

Saphir 320 Manual Grinder / Polisher

Saphir 330 Manual Grinder / Polisher

Saphir 375 Stone Grinder

Vibratory Polisher

Saphir Vibro Vibratory Polisher

ATM GmbH, Germany, has manufactured metallographic equipment since 1980 and in the late-90's began offering products under their trademark. Today, ATM is one of the most highly acclaimed lines in the European and US markets. ATM products are successfully represented worldwide in 30 countries. Innovation, quality and flexibility are the principles that drive ATM to establish new standards in the field of metallography. Mager Scientific is your exclusive source for ATM metallography equipment in the United States.