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Excellent Sample Preparation is a prerequisite for perfect microscopy. Leica Microsystems offers the most comprehensive product portfolio for the preparation of biological, clinical, medical and industrial samples. Since 1981, Mager Scientific has proudly served as your exclusive authorized dealer for these Leica instruments in the greater Midwest.


UC7: Ultramicrotome

FC7: Ultramicrotome cryo attachment

KMR3: Knifemaker

Preparation for many applications

Leica's products allow perfect preparation of samples for examination in the Electron Microscope (TEM – Transmission Electron Microscope and SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope), LM (Light Microscope), Confocal Microscope and AFM (Atomic Force Microscope).

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Precise and easy to use instruments

Leica's instruments for Sample Preparation meet the highest demands in technology and ergonomy, helping you to achieve high-precision results in the field of nanotechnology.


CPD300: Automatic Critical Point Dryer

SPF: Self Pressurising Freezer

AFS2: Automatic Freeze Substitution

AMW: Automatic Microwave

FSP: Reagent handling system

TP: Tissue Processor


AC20: Automatic Contrasting Instrument


ICE: High Pressure Freezer


VCT100: Cryo Transfer

FC7: Ultramicrotome cryo attachment

GP: Bare Grid Plunge Freezer

BAF060: Freeze Fracture System


TIC3X: Triple Ion Beam Miller

TXP: Target Surfacing System

TRIM2: Specimen Trimming Device

RAPID: Advanced Specimen Trimming Device

RES102: Ion Milling System


ACE200: Low Vacuum Coating

ACE600: High Vacuum Coating