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CPD300 Automatic Critical Point Dryer

The new Leica EM CPD300 dries specimens such as pollen, tissue, plants, insects, etc. as well as industrial samples, for example Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), in a fully automated and controlled process. This automated, controlled technique leads to perfect, reproducible results and ensures the same sample quality from every run.

To ensure a low CO2 consumption and a very short process time a new filler concept was developed. Special attention has been turned to your safety by implementing software controlled cut-off functions and integrating a waste separator.

SPF Self Pressurised Freezer

Are you looking for an alternative cryo-fixation method to freeze your biological specimens such as cells, free-living bacteria, yeast cells, unicellular organisms etc. in their native environment without any specific preparation or addition of cryo-protectants, which could alter the initial physiological balance of the sample?

If yes, then you can cryo-immobilize them directly after being isolated from their natural habitat with the Leica EM SPF Self Pressure Freezer. U-tubes as specimen carriers keep the low density ice located predominately in the leg areas, whereas the arc area of the U-tube freezes last under high pressure.

AMW Automatic Microwave Tissue Processor

With minimal user interface, rapidly process, embed, and polymerize specimens into resin with the Leica EM AMW's unique, highly automated system. The patented combination of microwave chamber and automatic reagent changer minimizes user effort and significantly reduces processing time.

The EM AMW's mono-mode microwave chamber focuses energy on a specific area, which results in a uniform field pattern without hot and cold spots and surrounds the sample, which eliminates water loads. Accurate reagent temperature measurement by software controlled, non-contact infrared sensors supports accurate and reproducible results.

TP Tissue Processor

The innovative Leica EM TP is the first tissue processor designed for EM and LM resin processing, that features a heating/cooling system with pre-heat and pre-cool capabilities to maintain a constant processing temperature.

It includes an easy-to-operate membrane control panel. The sample carousel holds 24 EM or 12 LM vials and utilizes various specialized baskets and capsules. An exhaust system supports safer use of toxic substances.

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