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RES102 Ion Beam Milling System

Thin, clean, polish, cut slopes and structure your samples with the highest level of flexibility in the Leica EM RES102. The unique ion beam milling system combines the preparation of TEM, SEM and LM samples in one single benchtop unit.

A variety of sample holders allows a diverse range of applications to be carried out. In addition to high-energy ion beam milling, the Leica EM RES102 can also be used for very gentle sample processing using low ion energy.

TIC 3X Triple Ion Beam Milling System

Achieving high quality cross-sections of almost any material, revealing the internal structures of the sample with scarcely any deformation or damage was never before more convenient than now, using the Leica TIC 3X.

The Triple Ion Beam Cutter, Leica TIC 3X allows production of cross sections of hard/soft, porous, heat sensitive, brittle and heterogeneous material for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Microstructure Analysis (EDS, WDS, Auger, EBSD) and, AFM investigations.

RAPID Pharmaceutical Milling System for Pills

The Leica RAPID milling system for pharmaceutical research enables sample preparation for analysis of active ingredient distribution on solid-dose pharmaceuticals.

The instrument, using a tungsten carbide or diamond miller, decapsulates pills without smearing and features adjustable speeds between 300 and 20,000 rpm, defined step-layer removal, low-noise extraction and filtration with a Hepa filter and single or multiple holders.

TRIM2 Specimen Trimming Device

The Leica TRIM2 is a high speed milling system with integrated stereomicroscope and LED ring illuminator for trimming of biological and industrial samples prior to ultramicrotomy.

The Leica TRIM2 features a 1µm feed control for the milling cutter, perpendicular viewing of the embedded sample to determine position for accurate milling, and a superior extraction system with Hepa filter.

TXP Target Surfacing System

The Leica EM TXP is a target preparation device for milling, sawing, grinding, and polishing samples prior to examination by SEM, TEM, and LM techniques.

An integrated stereomicroscope allows pinpointing and easy preparation of barely visible targets; with the specimen pivot arm the sample can be observed directly at an angle between 0° and 60°, or 90° to the front face for distance determination with an eyepiece graticule.

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