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Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

Researchers can only optimise results when their samples are well-preserved during the entire process from sample preparation to imaging. To enable you to focus on what really matters, Leica Microsystems has developed a solution for the complete workflow from cryo fixation to cryo fluorescence light microscopy. This unique solution offers premium instrumentation from electron microscopy sample preparation to fluorescence light microscopy, including analysis capabilities with the Leica Application Suite microscopy software platform.

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Leica EM CryoCLEM

Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)

Combines fluorescence light microscopy and electron microscopy (EM) imaging of the same sample.

Electron Microscopy (EM)

Delivers structural information and also the context in which the target structures are embedded at very high resolution. But EM provides very limited information in terms of living biological processes and functions.

Fluorescence Light Microscopy (FLM)

On the other hand is a very sensitive method to observe and analyze biological processses and functions inside fixed and living biological samples. In addition, FLM allows rapid screening of large areas and fast determination of regions of interest (ROI) which can be quickly recognized in the electron microscope.

Cryo Fixation

Is the sample preparation method to maintain samples in the most life-like state as possible.


Connects the benefits of all these techniques. It combines the individual advantages from cryo fixation, FLM and EM by time-effective imaging of identical, artefact-free samples and overlaying the complementary information to win greater understanding.

Trust in reliability

Safely transfer your cryo samples and load them into the cryo stage - the cryo transfer shuttle keeps your samples frost free to yield high quality light microscopy images.

Find what you are looking for

We developed the world`s first cryo objective, so that you can easily and quickly localize target structures. The low working distance for high resolution creates beautiful high image quality - see for yourself!

Save time

You will find loading and unloading of samples very quick with the sample transfer and loading system. Additionally, you need less time for cryo EM operation and analysis, as samples are in excellent condition and target structures accurately located.

Work intuitively

Making your work life easier is a top priority during the development of our solutions. This is why a sensor controls the stage temperature and why our sample transfer and loading system is so intuitive.

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