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Product Summary

The new Leica EM CPD300 dries specimens such as pollen, tissue, plants, insects, etc. as well as industrial samples, for example Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), in a fully automated and controlled process. This automated, controlled technique leads to perfect, reproducible results and ensures the same sample quality from every run.

To ensure a low CO2 consumption and a very short process time a new filler concept was developed. Special attention has been turned to your safety by implementing software controlled cut-off functions and integrating a waste separator.

Product Video

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CPD300 Demonstration (5 min)
Enjoy a brief overview of all the amazing features of the Leica CPD300 Automated Critical Point Dryer.

High Sample Quality

Fully automated, reproducible and controlled processes ensure high sample quality every run.

Sample Holders

Wide variety of sample holders for all of your sample sizes

Safe and easy disposal of exchange fluid

Integrated liquid waste separator ensures safe and easy disposal of exchange fluid avoiding direct contract with user.
Automatic or Manual
100V - 230V

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