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Product Summary

The innovative Leica EM TP is the first tissue processor designed for EM and LM resin processing, that features a heating/cooling system with pre-heat and pre-cool capabilities to maintain a constant processing temperature.

It includes an easy-to-operate membrane control panel. The sample carousel holds 24 EM or 12 LM vials and utilizes various specialized baskets and capsules. An exhaust system supports safer use of toxic substances.

Product Video

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TP Demonstration (5 min)

Automatic processing of tissue

Automatic processing of tissue minimizes contact with hazardous reagents, provides reproducible results, increases time savings and improves user safety in the laborator.

Closed processing chamber

Closed processing chamber with fume extraction system reduces chemical exposure for the user.

High throughput

Up to 168 EM samples per run ensures high throughput, which results in increased efficiency and time savings in the laboratory.

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