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Product Summary

For the preparation of vitrified fluid samples or extremely thin samples for cryo-TEM, including biological suspensions and industrial emulsions in both, aqueous and inorganic solvents.

The Leica GP plunge freezes samples into liquid ethane after removing excess fluid by automatic blotting. This is the bare grid technique. Prior to freezing the sample is maintained in a temperature and humidity controlled environmental chamber, adjustable between +4°C and +60°C and room humidity to 99%.

The GP can be used to plunge freeze samples not only on EM grids, but also sapphire discs and samples in freeze fracture planchettes.

Product Videos

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GP Demonstration (4 min)
Leica GP Included in Baylor Univ Study (5 min)

Reproducible Sample Preparation

Programming allows reproducible processes in a controlled sample environment.


During any movement the environmental chamber can be stopped by pressing the STOP button.

Clear view

An anti-fogging heater keeps the glass window clear.

Easy secondary cryogen filling

Liquefying the secondary cryogen is fast, easy and safe with the unique liquefying head. The gas condenses within seconds, without splashing.

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