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Product Summary

The Leica EM TXP is a target preparation device for milling, sawing, grinding, and polishing samples prior to examination by SEM, TEM, and LM techniques.

An integrated stereomicroscope allows pinpointing and easy preparation of barely visible targets; with the specimen pivot arm the sample can be observed directly at an angle between 0° and 60°, or 90° to the front face for distance determination with an eyepiece graticule.

Product Video

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TXP Demonstration
Watch a brief video to get an overview of the TXP.

Integrated automatic process control

Integrated process control with automatic E-W guiding mechanism, force-regulated feed control and countdown function saves the user from time-consuming routine sample preparation.

Variety of tool inserts

Variety of tool inserts allows the specimen to be milled, sawed, drilled, ground and polished without sample removal from the instrument. The ability to observe the process through the stereomicroscope results in time and cost savings.

Surface finish and target examination

Surface finish and target examination with the integrated stereomicroscope means that the user does not have to transfer the sample for distance estimation and surface evaluation, which increases user efficiency.

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