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Product Summary

Achieving high quality cross-sections of almost any material, revealing the internal structures of the sample with scarcely any deformation or damage was never before more convenient than now, using the Leica TIC 3X.

The Triple Ion Beam Cutter, Leica TIC 3X allows production of cross sections of hard/soft, porous, heat sensitive, brittle and heterogeneous material for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Microstructure Analysis (EDS, WDS, Auger, EBSD) and, AFM investigations.

Product Videos

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TIC3x Demonstration (13 min)
Watch a detailed video to see all the features of the TIC3x Triple Ion Beam Milling System
TIC 3x with Rotary Stage (1 min 56 sec)
Leica has added an optional rotary stage to the TIC 3X Triple Ion Beam Milling System. Check it out here!

Triple Power

Three ion beams (individually controlled), cooling stage and multiple sample stage ensure milling at high rates, cutting broad and deep into the sample resulting in high quality cross-sections

Top-rate Performance

Unique Triple Ion Beam System optimizes the cross-section quality and reduces working time with its ability to cut broad and deep at high speeds. Up to three samples can be processed in one session. This makes the Leica TIC 3X a perfect instrument for high through-put laboratories.

Configurable System

Depending on your preparation needs the Leica TIC 3X can be configured individually by using interchangeable stages - Standard stage, Multiple sample stage or Cooling stage.

Cooling Stage

High quality, low temperature processing of heat sensitive samples such as rubber and water-soluble polymer fibers can be prepared by cooling down the sample holder and mask to -150° C.

Sample Holders

Various sample holders for almost every sample size.

Clear Visualization of the Surface Topography

In addition to slope cutting, the same holder can be used for cleaning and contrast enhancement.

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