| Milling | RES102 Ion Beam Milling System

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Product Summary

Thin, clean, polish, cut slopes and structure your samples with the highest level of flexibility in the Leica EM RES102. The unique ion beam milling system combines the preparation of TEM, SEM and LM samples in one single benchtop unit.

A variety of sample holders allows a diverse range of applications to be carried out. In addition to high-energy ion beam milling, the Leica EM RES102 can also be used for very gentle sample processing using low ion energy.


Effective and Cost efficient

One system for TEM, SEM and LM applications.

SEM preparation of samples up to 25 mm diameter.

Improved effectiveness in TEM sample preparation with the production of large electron transparent areas for TEM analysis.

LAN capability for remote control and monitoring.


Fully program controlled motorized ion source and sample movements for reproducible results.

Native specimens

LN2 sample stage cooling to maintain the integrity of temperature sensitive samples.

Easy operation

Integrated applications library.

Integrated helpfiles and tutorial videos for beginners and maintenance.

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